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Study catalog

Basic information

Language of instruction



2 years

Szkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego


Profil kształcenia: ogólnoakademicki

Informator ECTS


The studies are an offer for people who have a bachelor's or master's (MSc) degree and want to strengthen their competences in the field of communication in social media, as well as expand, organize and consolidate knowledge about new tools and techniques for the use of social media. The studies will prepare in a comprehensive way to work in the era of media convergence and smooth movement in the world of digital media.

Studies are fully in English.

Studies can be undertaken by graduates of journalism, theatre and film, marketing, PR, film and television production, photography, people creating creative network messages and operating in the field of communication in virtual space using a film image, people who intend to run or already run their own business in the film industry, television or social media.

Carefully prepared program of classes allows to gain knowledge about the film workshop to the extent enabling the implementation of their own independent film, promotional and advertising or production projects, and also allows the student to acquire team management skills and creative abilities. During the course, systematic theoretical and practical knowledge about all stages and aspects of the creation of film, television and advertising works will be conveyed. Students learn technology and techniques used in the production of films and multimedia. Students not only learn the tools, but above all gain knowledge about how and in what context to use the acquired knowledge and how to measure the effectiveness of their activities.

The studies include 1,200 didactic hours in four thematic areas:

  • artistic and creative area (script writing techniques, animated film, music video, advertising film, television and film genres, new media journalism, film editing, sound production, the basics of cinematography, basics of directing, cooperation with an actor, basics of design graphics, film history and television, music in the film),
  • social media area (copywriting, social media technology, media project management, new media development directions, self-promotion techniques in social media, content management in social media, social media marketing, social media analysis, e-Commerce),
  • business area (business plan of the media undertaking, social psychology basics, production team management, conducting business negotiations, multimedia project budget, multimedia art sales techniques, obtaining funds and sponsoring, creative thinking techniques),
  • legal area (copyright, intellectual property protection in the network, information security management)
  • film, TV and new media workshops (30h per semester) conducted as part of the study program,
  • workshops conducted by foreign lecturers (60 hours per semester) as part of the POWER 3.5 program 2018 edition.

The program and study plan were also developed based on the ongoing international cooperation in the field of student education in the discipline of film and theatre arts, as well as the results of the current monitoring of graduate careers.

Teaching modules, the contents of which are related to various aspects of media and audio-visual law, correspond to scientific research on copyright, civil-legal contracts in the audio-visual sector, and protection of the right to image. The media and social media communication modules as well as media management correspond to the research on communication processes in the use of new media, in particular on network media. The projects relate to changes in the social, cultural and political space in the context of technological changes, first of all digitization and convergence. Topics taken up by younger researchers concern the issue of activating local communities using new media in Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The aim of the studies is to educate professionals in the field of digital film art, taking into account all aspects of effective communication in virtual space. After graduation, the graduate will be a specialist in visual communication, a specialist in the field of content creation in social networks, an analyst in the field of social media. Regardless of whether the graduate will run his own blog, video blog, profiles in social media, operate an online store, work in a creative agency, e-marketing department or run a company in the media industry - they will understand what is communication using modern means of communication and how to achieve business goals using digital media, as well as how to use the phenomenon of media convergence using a film and television tools.

Admissions criteria

The exam will be conducted in English.

Candidates for the course are university graduates (with Masters or Bachelor degree) in one of the following disciplines: film and theater arts, social communication and media, management and quality science, legal sciences, social science, humanities and psychology, musical arts, plastic arts or related arts.

Application requires submitting a portfolio containing information about:

  • completing first or second degree studies in one of the disciplines of film and theater arts, social communication and media science, management and quality science, legal sciences, social science, psychology, musical arts, plastic or related arts;
  • activities related to performing creative tasks in the audiovisual industry.

Admissions will be based on a complex portfolio and qualification interview in English verifying knowledge about the contemporary creative industry, cultural institutions, economics of the audiovisual sector and verifying the predisposition to work in the audiovisual industry.

In the case of candidates who obtained the same grade from an interview, the grade from the diploma thesis and then the diploma exam are used as the next criterion.

The unsatisfactory grade obtained at any exam stage determines the negative result of the qualification procedure.

Candidates' admission limit is 20 people.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2021/2022

Payment for semester
dla Polaków i cudzoziemców uprawnionych do kształcenia na studiach stacjonarnych w języku polskim bez ponoszenia opłat za studia.

No tuition fees

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

W przygotowaniu

Wysokość opłaty semestralnej zostanie podana w późniejszym terminie.


Faculty's contact details

Szkoła Filmowa im. Krzysztofa Kieślowskiego

ul. św. Pawła 3
40-008 Katowice
32 359 24 11
32 359 24 08
32 359 24 09

Contact for foreigners

Biuro Rekrutacji Cudzoziemców

Bankowa 12, pok. 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73