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Study catalog

Basic information

Language of instruction

English, Polish


2 years

Faculty of Humanities


Education profile: General academic

ECTS guidebook


Offered major: Teacher Training Programme

Foreign language classes offered: German, French

Characteristics of the programme:

The graduates of English Philology, major in English Language Teaching obtain all necessary qualifications to practice the profession of an English language teacher compliant with the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 25 July 2019 on the standard of education preparing for the conduct of a teaching profession. The programme includes subjects in pedagogy, psychology and foreign language didactics. In addition to general linguistic education, the graduates have a broad knowledge of human development in the life cycle, both in biological, psychological and social aspects, grounded and extended concerning the relevant educational stages, as well as having an extended and grounded knowledge of interpersonal and social communication processes including in pedagogical activity (didactic, upbringing, and caring), and their regularities and disturbances, deep and structured knowledge on the methodology of performing tasks – norms, procedures and good practices used in the selected area of pedagogical activity (pre-school upbringing, teaching in mainstream schools, in special and integrative schools and departments).

Professional prospects (graduate profile):

  • Work as a teacher of English in various educational institutions
  • Translation profession, work in translation agencies;
  • Work in mass media (radio, TV, press, the Internet);
  • Work in tourism and the service sector, in foreign cooperation departments;
  • Work in editorial offices of magazines and cultural institutions, especially those requiring advanced knowledge of English.

The graduates of the English Language Teaching major have a high level of general humanistic preparation and general knowledge of literature, culture, and history of English language areas; they have a general background in linguistics. They have in-depth skills in the field of observation of various pedagogical situations and events with the use of various methods, they can use and integrate theoretical knowledge from the scope of pedagogy and psychology to analyse and interpret complex pedagogical situations and events, as well as motives and behaviour patterns of their participants, they can efficiently use theoretical knowledge from the scope of pedagogy, psychology and didactics and detailed methodology. With the use of various technologies and information channels (in Polish and English), the graduates can independently acquire and integrate detailed knowledge and develop their professional skills related to the pedagogical activity (didactic, upbringing and caring). The graduates with teaching qualifications are qualified to teach English in kindergartens, primary schools, educational institutions, middle schools, secondary vocational schools, general and specialised secondary schools, technical schools, and post-secondary schools.

Admissions criteria

Candidates who obtained the Bachelor’s degree diploma in English Studies may apply for admission.

For foreign candidates:

The knowledge of Polish at C1 level according to CEFR (advanced) is required.

Admission process:

Admission is competitive and based on diploma grades.

An additional admission criterion, in the situation when many candidates obtained the same grade on the diploma, and the limit of places does not allow for admission of all candidates, will be the average study grade.

Candidates qualified for admission to studies, together with the required documents, shall submit a certificate confirming the grade average from studies, issued by the authorities of the university where the candidate completed their studies.

Candidates qualified for admission to studies who do not have a teaching certificate shall submit a statement in which they undertake to make up for the curriculum differences resulting from the assumed learning outcomes for a specific major and education standard preparing to practise as a teacher. Curriculum differences shall be specified by the Director of English Studies degree programme before the beginning of studies.

Launching particular student groups as part of the above-mentioned major at English Studies depends on the required number of applications depending on the relevant provisions.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2022/2023

Payment for semester
for Polish citizens and foreigners entitled to education at full-time studies conducted in Polish without paying the tuition fee.

No tuition fees

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

Tuition paid in full


Tuition paid in 3 installments

  • PLN990.00
  • PLN990.00
  • PLN1,020.00


Faculty's contact details

Faculty of Humanities

ul. Grota Roweckiego 5
41-200 Sosnowiec
32 364 08 92

Contact for foreigners

International Admissions Office

Bankowa 12, room 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73