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Basic information

Language of instruction



2 years

College of Individual Interdisciplinary Studies


Education profile: General academic

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College of Individual Interdisciplinary Studies (ISM College) is a unique place at the University of Silesia. A candidate applying for admission to the College can choose almost any field of study from the University of Silesia's didactic offer. The choice of a given field of study is enriched with classes that go beyond one field of study. By participating in classes at various university departments, a student of the College has the opportunity to expand his knowledge and professional competences, but also to get more than one diploma. In addictin, students are participating also in ISM project classes. It’s an important component of education – students are solving interdisciplinary problems, but also learn how to work in teams.

The studies are personalized, which means that the ISM student independently arranges his study plan, deciding which classes he will participate in. Throughout the study period, the student is also under the supervision of tutors (selected research and didactic employees). Their main task is to suport students in creating individual paths during education process to make it the most effective and supporting personal development.

Admissions criteria

Candidate has the necessary qualifications and competencies to continue education at 2nd cycle studies in this degree programme, confirmed with a degree diploma.

The individuals with a Bachelor’s, Engineer’s, Master’s or equivalent degree diploma in the field of: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering and technology and art, may apply for admission to the 1st year of 2nd cycle studies.

Stage I - competitive admission based on diploma grades

Method of converting secondary school-leaving grades to points:

Diploma grade



30 points

very good

25 points

good plus

20 points


15 points

satisfactory plus

10 points


5 points

Maximum:  30 points.


The interview topic is decided by the candidates who submit two topics in the individually selected discipline (or two disciplines) within the deadline specified in the admission process schedule.

The candidate attaches reference literature for each of the topics (at least 4 sources each). The admission committee chooses one of the topics for presentation at the beginning of the interview.

The interview is evaluated in points: from 0 to 40 points. To achieve a positive result of the interview, the candidate must obtain at least 15 points.

Achieving less than 15 points or being absent at the test disqualifies the candidate from the entire admission process.

The maximum number of points to obtain at both stages: 70 points.

The order of admitting candidates is specified on the ranking list, created on the basis of the above-mentioned admission criteria.

Candidates with a foreign diploma (including foreigners) are subject to the same exam procedure as the Polish candidates (with a Bachelor’s, Engineer’s, Master’s or equivalent degree diploma) and undergo a two-stage admission process which includes the competitive admission based on diploma grades and aptitude test (interview).

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2022/2023

Payment for semester
for Polish citizens and foreigners entitled to education at full-time studies conducted in Polish without paying the tuition fee.

No tuition fees

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

To be announced

Semestral fee will be announced at a later date.


Faculty's contact details

College of Individual Interdisciplinary Studies

ul. Bankowa 12
40-007 Katowice
32 359 13 05
32 359 20 59

Contact for foreigners

International Admissions Office

Bankowa 12, room 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73