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Study catalog

Basic information

Language of instruction



2 years

Wydział Humanistyczny


Profil kształcenia: ogólnoakademicki

Informator ECTS


Characteristics of the degree programme and offered majors:

Creative Writing and Publishing Marketing is a modern programme in which students develop their own artistic creativity (prose, poetry, screenplay) and learn about the publishing marketing and how to find themselves on today's book market. During the programme, the students gain knowledge and skills concerning nature, course, and solving issues within the framework of creative processes. They also discover the specificity of publishing market in Poland and learn about marketing tools used by the leading Polish publishing houses. During the course of studies, issues related to the latest literature, screenplay writing, sociology of literature and the publishing market as well as publishing marketing are presented. Importantly, classes are held both by experienced practitioners (novelists and poets, directors of publishing houses, editors and marketing specialists) as well as specialists in the scope of the latest literature and book market. Creative Writing and Publishing Marketing is addressed to people who wish to realise themselves in creative work or publishing work and, at the same time, develop their own interpersonal competencies and creative skills in contact with others.

Professional prospects (graduate profile):

Creative Writing and Publishing Marketing graduates are well accustomed to persuasive and narrative dimensions of words and able to use them adequately as a medium and goal of statements. Their competencies are the result of combining specialised theoretical knowledge (i.e. in the scope of the latest history of Polish literature and foreign literature, theory and sociology of literature, literary critique, book market, publishing marketing) with practical skills obtained within the course of numerous workshops adjusted to individual interests of students. They have knowledge concerning various creative strategies and rights governing modern publishing market. They also have the skills that enable them to function and fulfil their professional goals on this market.  

The graduates are creative, able to create and express themselves by means of various literary, para-literary and usable forms. They know the writing strategies and have the skills of creating the most popular genres in modern culture. They are able to write a story or a screenplay for a film or a series and prepare a professional publishing offer. They are also familiar with knowledge about the rules of creating para-literary texts, for instance, a report or biography. 

Creative Writing and Publishing Marketing graduates can easily undertake work in the broadly-understood sector of media and publishing services (publishing houses, advertising agencies, press, film crews).

Admissions criteria

Candidate has the necessary qualifications and competencies to continue education at 2nd cycle studies in this degree programme, confirmed with a degree diploma.

The candidates with a degree diploma of 1st cycle studies, 2nd cycle studies, or long-cycle studies, particularly in the degree programmes in humanities and social sciences, may apply for admission.

Admission criteria: final grade on the diploma, based on which the ranking list of candidates is created; in the case of candidates who achieved the same final grade and are in a group exceeding the limit of places, the grade average from studies is decisive.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2022/2023

Payment for semester
dla Polaków i cudzoziemców uprawnionych do kształcenia na studiach stacjonarnych w języku polskim bez ponoszenia opłat za studia.

No tuition fees

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

Opłata wnoszona w całości

2 850,00 PLN

Opłata w 3 częściach

  • 990,00 PLN
  • 990,00 PLN
  • 1 020,00 PLN


Faculty's contact details

Wydział Humanistyczny

ul. Uniwersytecka 4
40-007 Katowice
32 200 93 16

Contact for foreigners

Biuro Rekrutacji Cudzoziemców

Bankowa 12, pok. 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73