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Study catalog

Basic information

Language of instruction



2 years

Wydział Humanistyczny


Profil kształcenia: ogólnoakademicki

Informator ECTS


Characteristics of the degree programme and Offered major:

Studies in the Promoting and Crisis Communication Programme educate in the sphere of independent intellectual activity and deep understanding of various types of cultural texts, teach the use of tools in the field of humanities and social sciences for their analysis. The advantage of the studies is the diversity of the issues raised and the presentation of communication promotional, negotiating and image activities in a broad social context. The studies provide an opportunity to consolidate and broaden knowledge of communication processes and socio-legal relations between entities functioning in the public sphere, as well as to learn more about the principles shaping the coexistence of people in a democratic society. The studies allow students to explore the mechanisms of promoting ideas, merchandise, building personal branding, use of information, and project management. They serve to acquire the highest competence in organising and practising multi-pronged communication.

Career prospects (graduate profile):

The graduates of Promoting and Crisis Communication have thorough knowledge of the principles of public communication, the mechanisms of information flow, the principles of creating information inside and outside an organisation, as well as the mechanisms of influencing social entities through properly shaped and properly managed communication. The students are shown theoretical and practical principles of resolving situations of tension and social conflict through a properly undertaken process of negotiating rationale – in that they can work in promotion departments and press secretaries' offices; they are competent to manage communication and negotiation processes within and between organisations, also on an international level; they can perform advisory functions on all levels of state administration, within the work of local governments and on the EU scale – especially in the context of undertaking and carrying out communication policy.

Admissions criteria

Candidate has the necessary qualifications and competencies to continue education at 2nd cycle studies in this degree programme, confirmed with a degree diploma.

The candidates with a degree diploma of 1st cycle studies, 2nd cycle studies, or long-cycle studies, particularly in the degree programmes in humanities and social sciences, may apply for admission.

Admission criterion: final grade on the diploma, based on which the ranking list of candidates is created; in the case of candidates who achieved the same final grade and are in a group exceeding the limit of places, the average study grade is decisive.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2022/2023

Payment for semester
dla Polaków i cudzoziemców uprawnionych do kształcenia na studiach stacjonarnych w języku polskim bez ponoszenia opłat za studia.

No tuition fees

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

Opłata wnoszona w całości

2 850,00 PLN

Opłata w 3 częściach

  • 990,00 PLN
  • 990,00 PLN
  • 1 020,00 PLN


Faculty's contact details

Wydział Humanistyczny

ul. Uniwersytecka 4
40-007 Katowice
32 200 95 12

Contact for foreigners

Biuro Rekrutacji Cudzoziemców

Bankowa 12, pok. 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73