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Study catalog

Basic information

Language of instruction



3 years

Faculty of Humanities


Education profile: General academic

ECTS guidebook


Offered foreign language classes: English, German

Frequency of meetings in the case of part-time studies and days of the week when meetings take place: 10 meetings per semester (2 days in each), selected Saturdays and Sundays

Characteristics of the degree programme:

First-cycle studies are focused on theoretical and practical knowledge of the history of art in general, as well as of Polish art and the art of the region. Students gain the understanding of the phenomena of art history in an interdisciplinary relation to other areas of the humanities. They are sensitive to the issues of the form of a work of art, especially of its artistic quality. They independently form their assessments of the artistic phenomenon. They interpret the works of art in relation to the methodological concepts of the discipline. They gain practical knowledge during a 6-day science camp, apprenticeships and monument tours. The tours are organized individually by lecturers who teach a given subject. Graduates are prepared to undertake basic work in the field of documentation of monuments, exhibitions, art promotion, museology, and art trade. In all areas, the student’s theoretical knowledge is broadened by the ability to analyse the substance of the historic art, culture and technology of the region.

The studies are carried out according to the standards of undergraduate studies in the history of art. Knowledge extended to the phenomena of town planning, the history and art of the region and the protection of industrial cultural heritage is important for students in Upper Silesia. During the diploma seminar, each student presents the concept of their BA thesis, which is an independent research program.

Career prospects:

Graduates may be employed in:

  • museums,
  • community centres,
  • city offices,
  • conservation offices,
  • schools,
  • art galleries.

They are also prepared for undertaking jobs related to:

  • the organization of exhibitions,
  • the protection of cultural (including industrial) heritage,
  • the classical work of art research activities.

Admissions criteria

Admission is based on the assessment of required documents submitted by the candidate (upon prior registration in Online Application System).

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2022/2023

Payment for semester

Tuition paid in full


Tuition paid in 3 installments

  • PLN792.00
  • PLN792.00
  • PLN816.00

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

To be announced

Semestral fee will be announced at a later date.


Faculty's contact details

Faculty of Humanities

ul. Bankowa 11
40-007 Katowice
32 359 17 74

Contact for foreigners

International Admissions Office

Bankowa 12, room 76
40-007 Katowice, Poland
+48 32 359 22 72
+48 32 359 22 73