Basic information

Language of instruction



2 years


Students select the topics of their MA thesis in the first semester of their studies. They attend seminars during which they work on their MA thesis, attend classes in MA lab and specialist lectures which are in compliance with the MA topics selected.

Graduates will possess extensive, cohesive knowledge of theoretical physics, proficiency in using sophisticated mathematics and advanced computer methods, including digital simulations. MA should concern topics related to the theory of solids, field theory, theory of elementary particles or astrophysics, nanophysics or quantum information science.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of Theoretical Physics will have thorough knowledge of physics and mathematics, which makes them fully-fledged specialists who are capable of taking employment at universities and scientific institutions. They can also continue their education with PhD studies. Moreover, they will be sufficiently prepared to work in IT companies or any entities requiring practical knowledge concerning operation of computers.

Admissions criteria

The programme is open to candidates who have obtained a Bachelor’s (or MSc) degree in Physics, Medical Physics, Technical Physics or in a related field of science.

The admission is dependent on the final grade on the Bachelor's or Master's diploma.

Note: If former stage of candidate's education was not conducted in English, the candidate is required to submit a certificate of fluency in English on B2 level at least.

The candidate for studies is obliged to submit an appropriate medical certificate confirming the lack of contradictions to undertaking studies in this field.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2017/2018

Payment for semester
for Polish citizens and foreign candidates applying for studies on the same rules as Polish citizens

No tuition fees

Polish citizens and foreigners applying for studies on the rules applicable to Polish citizens do not settle the tuition fee for full-time studies on the University of Silesia.

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

€ 2000.00