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4 years


The doctoral studies in materials science and engineering provide the student with advanced knowledge about: basic nature of materials science and engineering; groups of engineering materials; methodology of materials’ testing performance; modern methods and techniques for delivering classes.

Apart from the sole knowledge, the programme teaches its students also practical skills, such as knowledge transfer and practice, scientific research financing, human potential management and development methods and instruments in economic organizations.

Career opportunities:

Doctoral programme graduates of materials science and engineering can work at universities, research institutes and in industry.

Admissions criteria

The recruitment of candidates for the first year of full-time studies is carried out by the Recruitment Commission based on an interview and on the opinion of a future scientific tutor. The Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science appoints the Faculty Recruitment Commission.

A candidate for the studies may be a person, who:

  • holds a diploma of M.Sc. studies graduation with the average evaluation at least 4.0;
  • has obtained an agreement of an independent scientific worker to be a scientific tutor.

A professor or doctor of science employed at an UŚ organisational unit on a full-time job, representing the discipline, which includes the suggested doctoral thesis, may be a scientific tutor.

The admission to doctoral studies is made based on:

  • result of interview assessing a general knowledge of the basic issues from the field of doctoral thesis, the candidate's preparation to develop the doctoral thesis (M.Sc. thesis subject, formulated subject matter, started recognition research, points made etc.); the assessment from 0 to 10 points is awarded by the Recruitment Commission;
  • graduation marks;
  • candidate's scientific achievements so far (publications, posters and papers presented at conferences, carried out foreign studies etc.);

The best graduate of the FoCS&MS has priority in admission to the doctoral studies and priority at the distribution of scholarship places.

As a result of interviews the Recruitment Commission prepares a ranking list of candidates awarding points acc. to the criteria:

  • Result of interview — points 0 to 10;
  • Results achieved during the M.Sc. studies — average mark multiplied by 10;
  • Scientific publications from 2 last years, about the subject matter connected with the materials engineering — points for each publication should be given acc. to MS&UE criteria;
  • Oral presentations at international conferences. Give the presentation title, name, place and year of the conference — 24 points for each presentation;
  • Oral presentations at national conferences. Give the presentation title, name, place and year of the conference — 10 points for each presentation;
  • Posters at international conferences. Give the poster title, name, place and year of the conference — 10 points for each poster;
  • Posters at national conferences. Give the poster title, name, place and year of the conference — 5 points for each poster;
  • Patent — 30 points for each patent;
  • Reports for enterprises — 20 points for each documented report;
  • Implementations — 50 points for each documented implementation.

Required documents:

  • an agreement in writing of an independent scientific worker to be a scientific tutor during entire doctoral studies,
  • an application for admission to studies addressed to the Rector of the University of Silesia,
  • an application for awarding a scholarship addressed to the studies manager,
  • a copy of diploma of M.Sc. studies graduation,
  • a certificate of the average mark obtained during uniform M.Sc. studies or studies of degree I and degree II,
  • a medical certificate stating candidate's fitness for doctoral studies in the field of technical sciences, discipline: materials science and engineering, and in the case of candidates, who during the studies are exposed to action of harmful, arduous or dangerous to health factors - a doctor's certificate. Candidates, who do not comply with health requirements, will not be admitted to doctoral studies at the Faculty of Computer Science and Materials Science,
  • the opinion of the M.Sc. thesis supervisor,
  • scientific C.V. containing information about completed studies, scientific interests, a brief description of the course of the work so far, if any, together with the list of publications, copies of papers,
  • 2 photographs.

Note: If former stage of candidate's education was not conducted in English, the candidate is required to submit a certificate of fluency in English on B2 level at least.

Fees for education

Tuition fees in academic year: 2017/2018

Payment for semester
for Polish citizens and foreign candidates applying for studies on the same rules as Polish citizens

No tuition fees

Polish citizens and foreigners applying for studies on the rules applicable to Polish citizens do not settle the tuition fee for full-time studies on the University of Silesia.

Payment for semester
for foreigners applying for studies on tuition-paying basis

€ 2600.00